On Grandfather Snyder's Death

I called mom tonight to see if she got the box of books I'd mailed to her. As we were talking, I asked her how various family members died, and she responded with a story I'd never heard before.

When her father died, she said he was sitting in a chair and just went to sleep. Across the room sat her elderly grandmother, who was by then almost completely blind from cataracts (long, long before that was a solvable condition...) "Little" grandmother was also asleep.

When the undertaker arrived and was shown into the room, he said, "Which one is it?"

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My Raleigh sister just spent an enjoyable few days with all her grandchildren there at once. She was full of family stories, of course, and my favorite was Surveillance. She'd told her Indianapolis grands that she'd cook all their favorite meals, which she gave me in great detail, rich, decadent food. Here I am trying to stay on my diet without using the hormone drops because I don't want a conflict with the hormones in my toenail medicine... and she's filling my head with delicious sounding recipe after recipe. I had NOT had my breakfast yet, so was pining away for a sunny side up egg on a 45 calorie slice of honey wheat bread...

One of the favorites was chocolate chip cookies. One granddaughter from each mother loves to cook, and had been "cooking with grandmother" since age 4, so there was quite a lot of merriment in the kitchen, which the boys were either banished from for bad conduct, or were living in a self-imposed exile until it came time to partake of the fruits of the girls' labor.

Soon, Grandfather caught the boys on the ROOF! In the course of the debriefing involved with this senseless and dangerously deviant distraction, the boys claimed to be conducting surveillance.

They'd peer into the kitchen to see when the coast was clear, slip in, and pinch raw chocolate chip cookie dough, then climb back up on the roof to eat it. --SLH

My Uncle Don

Donal M. Snyder
Biloxi, MS 39530

Awards Criteria

Athletic Competition - Track & Field

2004 - I started running at the age of 83 after a 24 year lay off. I was a high school, Junior college, Senior college football, basketball, softball official and a track meet starter. I weighed 180 pounds and walked and played golf, but not in any shape to run competitively.

I started working out in 2004 and ran in 2 meets, in Louisiana. I won no medals because of hamstring pulls. I ran in 2 meets in Louisiana, in 2005 but won no medals.

I lost weight down to 155 pounds and ran in four meets, in 2006. I won 20 gold medals, 3 silver and 4 bronze for a 27 total. I competed in the 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 meters, shot put, discus, javelin, long jump and high jump. I qualified for the National Senior Olympics, in Louisville, Kentucky, in 7 events.

In 2007, I won 50 + medals, in 8 meets, including USAT&F(Baton Rouge, Louisiana) Greater New Orleans, St. Tammany, Mississippi State. In the 2007 National Championship, at Louisville, Kentucky, I won a silver in the 800 meters, a bronze, in the

400 meters and ribbons in the shot (8th), discus throw (5th), 5th in the 100 meters and 5th in the 200 meters. I didn’t get to throw the javelin because the field was four blocks away at the same time as the 800 meters. I could have won a medal or a ribbon. In 2008 I entered the greater New Orleans, at Harvey, Louisiana, St Tammany, Louisiana, Alabama State, Greater Baton Rouge, and the National Decathlon, in Joplin, Missouri. I won 30 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze. I won the 85-89 Decathlon gold medal, in the National Decathlon.

During 2009 I competed in meets as follows: Greater New Orleans - 6 gold; 1 silver; Mississippi Gulf Coast - 6 gold; Mississippi State - 6 gold; Greater Baton Rouge - 5 gold, 2 bronze; USAT&F (Baton Rouge) - 4 gold; Pensacola, Florida - 8 gold; and Louisiana State meet - 3 gold.

In the 2010 season I missed 4 meets because of injuries. I still ran in the Greater New Orleans, Gulf Coast, Mississippi State and Greater Baton Rouge. I won 24 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.

Starting the 2011 season I developed left knee trouble. I plan to have it repaired in late June or early July. I did run in 5 meets, including USA Track & Field, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and won 6 gold. March 12th, at the Greater New Orleans, I won 8 gold. April 15, at the Mississippi Gulf Coast won 7 gold.

May 12-13, 2011, at Mississippi State, I won 8 gold and finished the season at the Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I won 5 gold and 3 silver. Bad knee and all.

I hope to recover to run in the October Louisiana State meet. I may have to wait until the 2012 season.

I have lost track of some medals that are on display in the Donal M. Snyder Center in Biloxi. However I can account for over 200 plus medals, mostly gold.

My college, Military, High School and various other meets total over 300 medals, trophies, plaques, ribbons and cups.

One of my pride and joys is a sports cartoon of me. It was drawn by a New York Sports Cartoonist and was printed in papers across the Nation.

I am the father of 7 children, 13 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren and my wife and I have been married for 66 years. We lost my wife May 4, of this year.

I have three college degrees. I graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy, in 1945, with a B. E. degree. I also had a B. E. degree and a Masters from Indiana University. I have coached and taught school in Indiana and Mississippi. I graduated from Ocean Springs, Mississippi High School, in 1940. I served as a Merchant Marine Cadet and as an Engineer Officer, in the Navy, in World War Two. My highest rank was as a Navy Lieutenant.

I have a back ground in Jr. College, Merchant Marine Academy and Indiana University in track. I have competed in several major track meets to include the Border Olympics, Texas Relays, Big Ten/Pacific Coast All Star, at Berkeley, California, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, Madison Square Garden and many other big Meets. I coached at Bloomington, Indiana 1 year, Attica, Indiana 2 years and Biloxi High School 5 years and helped revive track on the Gulf Coast. I served as Biloxi, Mississippi Recreation Director for 20 years and 19 years as Keesler Air Force Base Recreation Assistant Director and Director. I have a 450 million dollar recreation building named after me. I was also Mississippi Amateur Softball State Commissioner for 40 years and am now ASA Emeritus Commissioner. I am also the oldest member in years service and in age.

I belong to three Halls of Fame -- Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame, The National Football Foundation Hall of Fame, Biloxi, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and National ASA Umpires Indicator Hall of Fame.

During my Senior Olympic career I have had seven ham string injuries, a hernia operation, a knee operation and suffered two bad falls to cause bad arm, knee and arm tears requiring stitches.

I keep running because I enjoy competing and like to let other old men know that they too could do what I do or make an effort.

I have diabetes, a bad knee, a bad hip and some arthritis. I also have a triple bi Pass and my doctor’s approval.

My total events in Senior Olympics is in the 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 meters. The decathlon requires low hurdles and the pole vault. I also high jump, long jump, throw the discus, the javelin and put the shot.

My best achievements is a silver medal, in the 800 meters, a bronze medal in the 400 meters and ribbons in the 100 meters, 200 meters, the shot put and discus. All in the 2007 National Championship. I also won the 2008 National Decathlon in the 85-89 group.

The only meets I missed between 2006 - 2011 were because of injuries. I have never been able to run in all the meets I wanted to run because of injuries or operations.

Don Snyder

Donal M. Snyder
Dob: April 12, 1922
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Bible Belt Cheer

When my mother was 87, she confessed to a cheer with words banned in the Bible Belt.

LBHH suggested explaining thusly:
From one who was living in the heart of the Bible Belt;
From a family that was not allowed to go to the movies, play cards, or use coarse language because they'd literally go to Hell -
comes a high school cheer I've never been anywhere that would be okay to use:

Rickety, Rackety, Rust,
We're not allowed to cuss,
But, dammit to Hell,
We're gonna yell
For Ocean Springs or bust!

Nowadays, those daring to mouth that cheer would probably earn the team a technical.
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Travels with Kin

While returning from Rochester, Minnesota, some years ago, a foursome of Mississippi relatives had rented a motel room with two beds in Missouri, just before crossing the Mississippi River into Tennessee.

Mom, my aunt MEA, next youngest after mom, and the youngest sister of the trio, aunt CAR, and her husband uncle CR, didn't see any problem with the set up. My married aunt and uncle planned to use one bed, and the two widows, the other.

Sometime in the middle of the night, MEA got up to go to the bathroom in the dark, but when she came back, she bypassed mom's bed, pulling back the covers and trying to get into bed with Uncle CR instead.

I've had this story sitting around needing to enter it. Now that we've lost MEA, it seems fitting to post a remembrance of a light-hearted moment that all laughed over.


I'm not sure when or where these next two happened. Obviously, my mother and my uncle CR, who is married to my mother's youngest sister, CAR, were all together. This has happened numerous times when traveling, and mom is now living with them, so???

Mom went to the middle bathroom, closed the door all but an inch, noticed the shower door was closed, so she reached over to pull it open. UCR held it shut. He had just gotten into the shower when she entered.

Biker Crash

Dated Tuesday, August 28, 2001, 13:58:41
Mom asked me to post something she found "pre computer", a note from the Denver niece, who was rollerblading.

Mom had sent her Psalms 91:11-13: For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.

CLW replied, "HOME ALONE
"The other evening I was rollerblading on a nice trail in a nice part of town. A biker was coming toward me, swerved, and hit me with his hand in the thigh (I have no idea if it was intentional, or not.) He almost fell off his bike. I, on the other hand, despite the fact that I'm not a highly skilled rollerblader, was rock steady. It scared me, but I didn't even falter. I knew angels were with me, keeping me balanced and safe.

"I've never seen that biker again. Don't worry; I'm safe.

"Love to you,

Note from Carol

Nothing exciting going on here unless you want to know about how Cousin GS, Doris, her neighbor, Butch and other friends have all taken turns with vomiting and s___ (your Mother doesn't know how to spell the other word).(diarrhea -- ed) All some better.

CAR speaks educated southern, ClR speaks redneck and your mother speaks a cross between southern & northern. Good old American language.

We love you, can't come see you, but traveling is too hard for ESHR.
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